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Data Scientist Intern

700 Main Ave, Fargo, ND 58103, USA

Job Description

701x is headquartered in Fargo, ND with a testing facility in the Badlands of North Dakota. The testing facility houses a few hundred cattle with pastureland for open-range grazing. Travel to the testing facility will berequired for this position as visual observation of animal movements and behaviors will need to be recognized and correlated with generated data. Most travel will be required from mid-March to mid-August, likely rotating weeks between the office and testing facility. When traveling to the testing facility for a week the hire will be able to return home for the weekends.

•Collecting, pre-processing, and verifying the quality of data for further analysis.

•Researching and developing solutions to solve the data analytics problems using various machine learning algorithms.

•Developing AI systems for edgecomputing

•Communicating and meeting with cross-functional teams and other technical/non-technical stakeholders.


•Experience with collecting and integrating data from multiple sources (inertial measurement unit, accelerometer, weather etc).

•Experience with designing and implementing statistical techniques (regression, ARIMA, correlation, etc. ) and machine learning modeling approaches(supervised/unsupervised learning such as regression, clustering, etc.)

•Experience using data visualization tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Data Studio, etc.

•Experience with using SQL to conduct complex database queries

•Experience with at least one programming language i.e. Python, R, Java, C++. Specifically, the candidate should be fluent in Python/R stack for data analytics and preprocessing (Pandas, Scipy, Numpy, etc.)

•Experience with one of the machine learning/deep learning frameworks (Scikit-learn, H2O, Keras, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Theano) is required.

•Experience with one of cloud platforms such as GCP, Azure, AWS would be a plus.

701x is seeking a Data Scientist-Intern to work within the Data Science department and alongside with other cross-functional departments for achieving a number of AI-based initiatives such as identifying animal behaviors based on movements, predicting feeding time, and monitoring health related symptoms. Experience with one or more Machine Learning related tools and frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn is needed to perform this job. Past experience with Machine Learning environments and performing platform setup is required. Experience could include working on professional as well as academic projects. Suitable candidates need to have an outstanding understanding of statistics and mathematics and be proficient in writing ML models/algorithms.


•Pursing Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Data Science or Statistics.

•0-1 year of experience in machine learning, time series analysis, statistical modeling, and data visualization.

Job Type


  • Competitive pay

  • Gain experience on projects that impact business initiatives

  • Work directly with skilled professionals

  • First access to full-time career opportunities


Paid Internship

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