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Is your herd registered with a breed association? Our cattle are too! Even though yours may be a completely different breed and color, our animals are closely related. Do you want to know how? Because when it comes down to transferring all that data into our breed associations, we both dread it. You get all the information nice and neat in your files just to have to input it all over again.

Trust us we get it, it is not ever a fun task to do but it has to happen. That is why we strived to make that transfer as easy as possible in our Autonomous Rancher app. Within the app, users are now able to import and export their current herd data directly to and from their breed associations. Simplifying your whole association records management.


Breed Association Integration (BAI) is the newest feature of the Autonomous Rancher app. As we said before users are now able to directly import their current herd data, record new performance and registration data, and easily export those records straight to their respective associations. This completely eliminates the need to double-input your herd's information and data, saving you time and lots and lots of headaches. Also by getting rid of the additional transfers you're guaranteeing that information is correct and up to date. Currently, we are integrated with 14 major breed associations: Angus, Red Angus, Wagyu, Shorthorn, Akaushi, Braunvieh, Gelbvieh, Limousin, Texas Longhorn, Black Hereford, Brahman, Santa Getrudis, Maine-Anjou, and Chianina. Stay tuned for the addition of more associations in the future.


To transfer or import a file click on the menu tab from the home page on our desktop app and select the ranch tools tab. From there hit breed associations and then you'll be brought to the BAI homepage.

Select data import and then choose your association, attach the file, and click save. You should be redirected back to the homepage. Refresh or reopen the app in a new tab in order for the animals to show up. To view the import go to the animal list and select the designated animals and the association information will be attached to each animal. For instructions on how to get the herd data files from your breed associations, go to our website and click on the App tab and then scroll down until you see the Breed Association Integration button. From there simply find your association and follow our step-by-step guides for both importing and exporting. Ditch those days of pulling your hair out and re-entering every single calf into your association(s), get started with 701x Autonomous Rancher today, and be able to do it all in just a few clicks.


The goal of our software is to make it do everything and anything a rancher needs but also be practical and user-friendly. Our team understands that not everyone is a technology genius and that is why we created our app and its features to be as comprehensible as possible. The last thing we want is for a rancher to not be able to utilize our technology because they can't work it. When logged into the app a dashboard along with a toolbar pops up. From those two things alone you can access just about everything our app has to offer and more. Making finding what you're looking for about as easy as tying your shoes. As for Breed Association Integration, it is as easy as a couple of clicks and you're all done. If for some reason you do run across a problem or have trouble inputting or exporting data just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will get in touch with you shortly!