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701x cattle tracking ear tag

Technological innovation in the Agricultural sector has emerged as a powerful tool in increasing overall productivity. Ranching operations are being faced with new opportunities to enhance their productivity and operational growth via technological advancements.

Most ranchers live in vast, rural areas and may not be able to find every member of their herd at any given moment. They also may not be aware of the exact number of animals they have, their birth dates, age, or weight, etc. This information is essential to have on record as it allows ranchers to track their herd’s progress.

The 701x Cattle Management System encompasses a software application and electronic ear tag to provide cattle producers with useful information regarding animal inventory, reports, GPS positioning data, wellness information, and more.

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the 701x Tag, an electronic ear tag for cattle that allows ranchers to better understand where their cattle are, where they have been, and what they are doing.


701x first started when our President and CEO, Kevin Biffert, had recently sold his previous manufacturing business and received several complaints from his siblings regarding their lost cattle. They were experiencing ongoing issues with their cattle getting out of the fence, which led to them wandering off their property and breeding their neighbors' cows – not their own. They also had several occurrences of cattle theft, leaving them at a large financial loss as their animals had not been found or returned.

Biffert grew up on a family farm and ranch in Western North Dakota, so he understood the frustration that his siblings were experiencing and had a feeling that they weren’t the only ones facing this issue.

Some may think, “It’s just a cow, you can buy a new one”, but cattle can cost a pretty penny and most producers care very deeply for their livestock. Depending on the breed, bull prices can range from $3,000 to over $20,000 per head, and heifers/cows can range from $1,500 to over $5,000. If you lose just one animal, you’re at a significant loss.

The ongoing conversations between Biffert and his siblings lead to the big question: “How can we track our cattle?” This sparked the idea of creating a platform with a smart ear tag and software application that could record, track, and store individual and herd-level data.

Building smart ear tags was feasible for Biffert as he has extensive knowledge as a mechanical engineer, as well as a background in the manufacturing industry.

He was dedicated to developing a cattle management system that would still allow ranchers to simply identify and record their herd data but wanted to implement additional features to track the location of an animal, monitor animal activity, and more.

After getting a few more talented individuals on board, the development process of the 701x Software and 701x Tag began. With a dedicated team of ranchers, innovators, engineers, creators, and programmers – we knew that we could simplify ranchers’ lives and make a difference in the industry.

cattle monitoring tags


Animal identification is an important management practice to track cattle performance, maintain health and treatment records, and improve productivity. Plastic ear tags and brands are commonly used to help cattle producers easily identify their animals. Smart devices similar to our own have been developed but may require additional infrastructure or base stations to be set up in order to connect to the software or tag, while others may require cattle to wear a necklace or tag that must be charged. These options are not always feasible for ranchers as they may not want to set up additional infrastructure or invest in additional tools and hardware.

Management practices are equally as important for producers as they allow them to measure their herd progress to make informed decisions. There are many different methods that can be used to track and record data regarding livestock animals. Some producers may use a paper calving book, an online spreadsheet, or software to keep track of their cattle records.

The 701x Cattle Management System is unique as our tag and software work together as an integrated system. Some of the main features of the tag that allow you to save time and spend it completing other tasks:

  • One size fits all – the tag can be used on calves, heifers, cows, steers, and bulls.

  • No base stations

  • No need to replace/charge batteries

  • No setup fees


We have been developing and testing our software and tags at our testing facility in the rural Badlands of North Dakota throughout the development process. We have also conducted beta testing through a group of target users where participants received early access to our products to evaluate overall performance. Tags have been deployed at several ranches across the Midwest to test the connectivity and durability of our product in different weather conditions and to uncover any problems or bugs that may occur.


Obtaining and accessing data regarding a herd has never been easier. By using our tag, cattle producers can access real-time data regarding their herd on any device, from anywhere, at any time. Save time, energy, and money with the 701x Tag.

Precise GPS Location Tracking

Users can track and monitor animals via GPS positioning. Enable your device's location to see exactly where you are on the map in regard to your livestock to make finding them quick and easy. Users can create and access an animal traceability record of an animal by tracking where they have been within a specific period. These records can also be used to monitor the grazing patterns of your herd to know when pasture rotation is necessary.

Animal Activity Monitor

Our tag tracks the footstep count of individual cattle and the distance traveled between GPS points which can be used as a health productivity indicator. With the use of artificial intelligence models, the tag can determine the abnormal animal activity to indicate exactly what the animal is doing.

Bluetooth™ Enabled

Use live GPS positioning data when in Bluetooth range to find a specific animal in your herd. A night-time LED light can be turned on within the tag to identify animals after the sun has gone down.

Rugged Design

Specifically designed and built for durability. Our tag is built to withstand any climate and unpredictable weather conditions – allowing it to last several years.

Cellular Connectivity

Data that is collected from the tag is automatically transmitted to cellular networks. There is no need to set up additional base stations or infrastructures to form a connection between the tag and your 701x Software.

Animal Loss Alerts

If an animal has been stationary for an extended period, got outside of its geofence, or is traveling at an unreasonable speed, the tag can communicate these disruptions to the 701x app. A real-time alert would be sent to the user to caution them about odd occurrences of individual animals, allowing them to track those specific animals to check on them.

Standard Application

The 701x tag follows the standard tagging process by using an ear tag applicator. There are no additional tools or accessories needed.

Solar Powered

Our tags love the sun. The solar panel allows the tag to charge with the power of the sun. This eliminates the need to change or recharge batteries - limiting the amount of user interaction.


We have accomplished a handful of milestones within the past year, and we couldn’t have done it without such a hardworking team of talented individuals and help from countless community members.

To make the most impact, we need to solve the most important problems. We are invested in minimizing inventory tracking problems, animal welfare concerns, and herd management inefficiencies that can be associated with cattle.

The 701x Cattle Management System marks our dedication to the ranching industry. We are inspired by the hardworking, responsible, loyal, and respectful individuals that work to feed the world around us. We want to provide cattle producers with the necessary tools to empower them to do more, with less.

We want to offer the most efficient customer service possible as we do our initial release, which is why our tags will be available in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota to begin with. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on state eligibility as we continue to roll out our tag release in the coming months!


At 701x, we are invested in building the future of ranching, and we want to make life as easy as possible for ranchers. Click to learn more about 701x.

To start you off right, we’re offering a discount! If you purchase a 701x tag, you will receive a $100 credit which can be used for the 701x software only.

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