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701x is an exceptionally innovative precision agriculture technology company that focuses on the betterment of your livestock herd. The name 701x stems from our roots, as we are based in Fargo, North Dakota, with “701” being the area code in this great state. The “x” in our name represents our expansion and exponential growth capability outside of the state. We have been working diligently to develop a management system for the tracking and recordkeeping of cattle. This management system includes an ear tag that records GPS position and a software application that allows users to actively track, maintain, and manage their herd remotely.


The application process of our smart ear tags is very similar to traditional methods, so implementation processes do not need to be changed. The 701x ear tag gets recharged through its solar panel and charging circuitry to prevent the need to change batteries and to limit the overall interaction between the rancher and their animals. Information is collected from each animal on the tag and transmitted to cell towers, it is then sent to the cloud and becomes accessible on user devices. This enables ranchers to actively monitor what is happening within their herd without physically being present. Employing the 701x management system into your cattle operation allows for reductions in labor costs and time spent manually monitoring and tending to your herd, which allows you to focus on what needs to get done. With the use of our management system, you can keep an active connection to your herd without guesswork.


Our GPS livestock ear tag is designed to allow users to track location, grazing patterns, monitor activity levels, detect overall health and wellness, as well as keep a record of information relating to each head of cattle.

With the use of geofencing in the 701x app, users can establish their own boundaries to ensure their cattle stay within a given area. If an animal gets outside of that boundary, the ear tag will capture the location of the animal and alert the user of this incident. This increases the overall safety and security of the herd and reduces the possibility of cattle theft.

Activity monitoring assists in detecting heat cycles, calving, bull performance, possible diseases, or any abnormal health conditions that may arise. Deviations from an animal’s typical behavior are analyzed to detect when an animal is entering its heat cycle. This information allows users to proactively plan their breeding and insemination processes and increase conception rates.

Calving can be detected by monitoring the physical activity of the animal, by tracking how often it stands up or lays down, the daily step count, and how often it eats or ruminates. If calving events are detected, the smart tag will transmit an alert to the user device of the occurrence. By using the 701x tag users will be able to proactively check the health of each animal without having to do a physical examination, which saves time and expenses.

Reports, records, and notes about each individual head regarding their age, breed, health records, and performance can all be recorded and documented in our secure cloud space. Users have the ability to share information about their herd with permitted third parties at their own disposition.

All the aspects of the 701x management system work together to create harmony within your herd. The information collected enables ranchers to gain control and awareness of their cattle operation, which allows for better-informed business decisions to be made and for improvement in overall efficiency and performance.

For more information about our cattle management system, feel free to check out our website to learn more!

Discover how the 701x cattle management system can connect you to your herd.