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North Dakota is a far cry from Silicon Valley in California, but the state is still making technological innovations of its own. A Fargo company that is looking to revolutionize the livestock industry with their GPS livestock tags. Read more...


New tech tags help ranchers track livestock

Akin to a Fitbit for cattle, an ear tag developed by a Fargo-based company is bringing smart technology to the most basic of places – prairie pastures. Read more...

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Ranchers tag with technology

Knowing where your cattle are exactly can be one of the most time-consuming tasks that a rancher or cattleman is faced with. With the technology that 701x is bringing to the industry, ranchers have given their cattle a cell phone in the sense of knowing their location at all times. Read more...

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FarmBits Podcast: Tagged Tracking with 701x

The cattle industry seems to become more and more connected to technology in an attempt to make ranching more efficient. One aspect I’ve learned about recently is an industrially advanced ear tag. The industry has been pulled in a few directions regarding the traceability of an animal.  Read more...

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Ear Tags for the Future

At its testing facility in the Badlands of North Dakota, Fargo-based startup 701x is putting final touches on its ear tag that tracks GPS location, monitors animal activity, as well as its software platform that integrates the tags. Read more...

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701x ear tag offers glimpse into the future of livestock management

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701x, a Fargo agriculture technology company, was awarded $750,000 to further develop a GPS-enabled ear tag that allows ranchers to remotely access records, track locations, monitor movement, and receive alerts about their cattle. Read more...

LIFT Committee awards $1.25 million in funding for August

701x launches electronic ear tag for tracking cattle

701x launches electronic ear tag for better understanding, tracking of cattle. Read more...

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701x Inc. was awarded $155,000 to launch a marketing campaign for its livestock management system. Read more...

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