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Modern technology continues to enhance many aspects of our daily lives. As a society, we have come to expect a certain level of control in our day-to-day activities and operations. For the livestock producers that are looking to gain control of their herd, 701x has the solution. For many ranchers, the calving season is the busiest time of the year. Countless ranchers have experienced the frustration of losing their calving books. Well, those days are over.

A calving book is essentially a notebook that cattle ranchers use to record information regarding their livestock herd. This book is an organizational tool that allows beef producers to stay up to date with their records and keep track of their animals by recording tag ID numbers, birth date, weight, vaccinations, or other notes about the animal. Record-keeping is essential for ranchers as it allows them to watch their herd progress and make informed management decisions for their business.


The 701x team has been tirelessly working to provide livestock producers with a modernized, portable, digital calving book. We have developed a record-keeping app with features for livestock producers to use as a digital calving book. Our software gives producers a one-stop solution to easily track and manage their livestock herd’s data. Securely record electronic records for current and historical inventory counts, medication records, health logs, cull lists, and livestock animal performance reports all within the app. The 701x livestock management app can be accessed on your mobile device as an easy-to-use app, or on a desktop computer through a web-based site. Users are able to use their devices out in the field in place of the traditional pen and paper calving book. Our app encompasses record-keeping tools and automated features to help manage the data of your herd. This technology allows livestock operations to practice better management, while also improving efficiency, organization, and accuracy while working.


Owners, managers, hired hands, or other authorized company users can log and store any data, reports, or notes regarding your animals in one central location, the 701x app. Company owners have the highest level of control over their data and the additional features within the app. They would have access to all data and information, in our marketplace, and can set permissions accordingly.

For example, ranch managers can create or delete new animals, fences, or POI's when needed, but do not have the ability to purchase items on our marketplace. Hired hands may not necessarily need the same amount of access as managers, but they would have the ability to log information regarding animals into the app. There are also additional read-only and report-only permissions. Read-only grants access to authorized users to see all logged information without making any changes. Report-only allows authorized users to only see reports such as inventory or medical records that are unable to be edited. Utilizing these additional features allows users to securely share data about their operation, at their own discretion. Integrating with others provides each individual to access up-to-date information at any place and time, which promotes better communication and decision-making throughout the company. If two individuals were to be logged into the same account at the same time and one of them was to make changes to a log, the other user will instantly see that update. Devices sync when connected to the internet, allowing all users to access up-to-date information.


If you are currently storing files and records regarding your herd on your devices without backing them up, you’re at risk of losing all of that information if your device were to break or get lost. By using our app, all logged data is secured and protected; ensuring that it won’t get lost, damaged, or stolen.

Let’s say a rancher were to lose or break their device. They would still be able to access their information as long as it had been previously backed up onto the cloud. They would just need to use their credentials and log in on another device to regain access to their app data. All information that is logged by authorized users is private and secured within the cloud.

Users who live in rural, remote areas may not have consistent cell service or Wi-Fi connections. These continuous connections are not required when logging information into the 701x software, as it has offline capability. When the 701x app is opened and an internet connection is reestablished after entering data offline, all of the information that has been previously logged offline will sync to the cloud to be securely stored. Once it is stored in the cloud, that data becomes accessible to any authorized company user.

Regardless of the size of your herd, keeping track of each individual animal and their information can be a tedious task. It is important for each individual animal to be monitored rather than the whole herd in order to make informed decisions. When each animal is focused on, that specific animal can be improved upon and maximized, which can result in positive animal performance and productivity. Let our livestock management software simplify your record-keeping, to allow you more time to focus on the next task on your list.


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