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Ranch owners or managers have many tasks on their plates. Overseeing an operation, keeping accurate records regarding their herd, supervising their team, and providing their animals with proper care can get to be overwhelming. The 701x Cattle Management System works to alleviate some of the stress that often comes along with managing a cattle operation.

Digital record-keeping is not a new idea in the ranching industry, but it has a handful of benefits. Our technology empowers you by collecting and consolidating all your herd data into one central and secure database. Easily access insightful information regarding individual animals or your entire herd. By using our platform, users can establish benchmarks to make better informed managerial, production, and financial decisions.


  • Improve internal efficiency and management

  • Ensures the safety and security of your records

  • Give users access to accurate and up-to-date records

  • Promote team collaboration

  • Simplify making edits or revisions to records

  • Improve organization

  • Save time and money

  • Easily access and share cattle records

  • Give users offline access to their data


Calving Season - Regardless of what season(s) or methods you use for breeding, you can create a breeding season that is tailored to your operation.

Breeding record – input bull turnout date, AI date, preg check date, and estimated calving date when creating breeding records to track how far along your dams are. Update your breeding record throughout the season to make calving season as efficient as possible.

Bull turnout – create a record of the cows and heifers in a pen/pasture and which bulls you turn out with them on a specific date. This will auto-generate breeding records for the dams and set the possible sires as the bulls.

Embryo tank – the embryo tool is designed to help you track your embryo inventory. You can assign a dam and a sire to the specific embryo transfers, add and update supply tanks, and view previous adjustments to your inventory. You can also use an embryo transfer on a breeding record.

Semen tank – if you artificially inseminate, this tool is designed like the embryo tank, but instead, it allows you to keep track of information pertaining to specific sires that the semen straws come from as well as your straw inventory. Just like the embryo transfer, you can use a semen straw on a breeding record.


It’s important to keep a close eye on the health of your animals to ensure that they are happy and healthy. With our health tracking features, users can monitor the health of their animals by keeping track of health conditions, symptoms, treatments, and other health metrics such as weight, temperature, height, and body score. You can also create and update medication or immunization records for individual animals while also keeping track of the inventory of medications. Maintaining animal health records makes it easier to identify potential health issues early on while also reducing the chance of an illness spreading to other animals.

Comments can be made within the health records to make notes and to keep your team on the same page. Changes to health records can be made on the go and any updates will be viewable to everyone on your team.

Additionally, with our location tracking capabilities from the tag, potential health issues, illness, and lameness may be detected by analyzing the animal's activity. If an animal has been stationary for an extended period, the user will receive an alert and a message suggesting that they check on the animal as it may be hurt or sick.