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A new era of beef production is here and now.

Most data and information regarding a cattle herd has been gathered by ranchers themselves and is recorded with pen and paper. As technology advances, gathering and storing the necessary information about livestock animals will become much more efficient and organized – minimizing the need to take notes and record by hand. A driving force behind increasing and improving agricultural production and quality is technological change.

Across all agricultural industries, technology is used as an effort to improve and simplify daily operations. Ranching technology aims to enhance livestock animals' production, welfare, and management aspects. It is important for each individual animal to be monitored rather than the whole herd. When each animal is focused on, that specific animal can be improved and maximized, resulting in better performance and productivity.


701x has discovered a way to create a connection between the rancher and their herd. We’re in the works of developing a solar-powered, GPS ear tag and a software application. Our cattle management system assists ranchers in obtaining and comprehending unbiased data and insights about their herd while also offering ranchers the opportunity to predict future events that may occur, for improved management, and a better decision-making process. Our cattle management system focuses primarily on six key features: GPS location, health monitoring, calving, estrus/heat, record keeping, and traceability.

Red angus cattle in the badlands of North Dakota.


The GPS location capability allows the user to track and locate the animal while also reducing the risk of theft and lost animals. Health monitoring uses artificial intelligence models to generate health alerts that can alert users before visual illness or other signs appear. These alerts can then be paired with our management system to provide wellness tips and treatment suggestions. Calving can be detected by monitoring the physical activity of the animal, by tracking how often it stands up or lays down, the daily step count, and how often it eats or ruminates. If calving events are detected, the smart tag will transmit an alert to the user device of the occurrence. By using our cattle management system, users will be able to proactively check the health of each animal without having to do a physical examination, which saves time and expenses. Estrus and heat can be detected by monitoring deviations of activity levels from the animal. With the information that is collected, artificial insemination success rates can be increased - leading to operational gains. The record-keeping capabilities allow ranchers to instantly share individual or herd-level logs, inventory, and notes with permitted personnel – at their own discretion. Traceability plays a large role as it aids in controlling risks that may impact the food supply chain. Our management system actively captures and logs information about each livestock animal, intending to increase awareness about each animal in your herd.


Most cattle are monitored and tended to on the rancher’s schedule. At 701x, we strive to make our technology as self-sustaining as possible and limit the amount of interaction needed between the rancher and their animals. This saves time and energy for ranchers that can be spent focusing on other tasks while still granting them access to monitor their herd remotely whenever they are available.

No matter what industry you are involved in, change can be intimidating. It is especially intimidating to some ranchers as they have been doing the same thing for decades and it has become a way of life for them that they love! At times, using new technology can be frustrating to learn and adapt to but it’s beneficial in the long run as it provides valuable information to the user. Though change can be frustrating, making improvements in your cattle ranching operations can simplify your tasks to create efficiencies and boost overall productivity.

We understand that bringing advanced technology into your herd is a substantial change. It will come with questions as we start out, but we want it to be as easy as possible to adopt. You may think you need a lot of knowledge or training to use our smart livestock technology, but our team is dedicated to helping you learn how to use our ranching technology to better your herd and simplify your operations.

For more information about our tag and how it can benefit your operation, please visit our website or check out our social media platforms! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


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