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What's one more bred cow worth to you?

How to make more money this year:

Get more cows bred by ensuring your bulls are healthy, mounting, and in the right fence! Our 701x® test ranch with 6 bulls and 150 cows has shown how investing in xTpro® tags for your bulls can help you make more money.

The Problems:

Open cows - This is largely agreed on as the biggest expense in a cow/calf operation. We had an average open rate of 15% resulting in 22 unbred animals in our herd.

Lost or dead bulls - We have had 2 bull deaths which resulted in a $9k loss in 2022 and 2023 prior to our new xTpro® tag.

The Solution:

Utilize the xTpro® to track the location of your bulls and ensure they are near your cows, healthy, and mounting. Following our ranch's scenario above, we can conservatively estimate 3 more bred cows per year and NO lost or dead bulls. The difference in revenue between bred and unbred cows is estimated at $1,500. Over 2 years we can assume 6 more cows get bred: resulting in an additional $9k in revenue for our ranch.

The Cost:

6 xTpro® tags for two years = $1,002

Profit: $16,998

$9k in bred cows + $9k in bulls saved - $1,002 xTpro® cost = $16,998

ROI: 1,696%

($16,998 profit / $1,002 cost) x 100 = 1,696%

View mount reports in the 701x® Autonomous Rancher® app to quickly identify unproductive or hurt bulls during breeding season.

Prevent the costs of open cows and lost or dead bulls with the xTpro®


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